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The purpose of the ISO 9000 Users Group is to exchange ideas and experiences among ASQ and non-ASQ members who use ISO 9000 in their organizations.

Regular meetings of the ISO 9000 Users Group are held every month on the 2nd Wednesday of the month (unless otherwise announced).


The objectives of the Users Group are to provide and exchange the latest information on the practical applications and use of ISO 9000 in areas such as internal and external auditing.  For example: How to start ISO 9000 in any organization? What is the best way to develop documentation and procedures? The main objective is to learn from each other.


The Users Group:


Establishes monitored discussions among the Users Group members


Invites guest speaker(s)


Publishes information on activities and accomplishments in the ASQ Section 509 Newsletter


Discusses 9001:2000


Develop orientation materials to assist organizations who are now registered to ISO 9001-1994 to plan for migration to the revised standard


Develop orientation materials to assist organizations become registered


Organizes ISO 9000 seminars and workshops

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