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The purpose of the International Committee is to establish and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with quality professionals in other countries around the world.


Any member of Section in good standing who has an interest and/or contacts with quality professionals in other countries.

Goals and Objectives

  1. Organize interested members into a functioning unit, with a chair, secretary, and other positions as needed.
  2. Develop contacts in other countries through member participation in ASQ events and other professional activities.
  3. Exchange ideas, techniques, and methods of quality management with contacts in other countries.
  4. Meet with delegations of quality professionals from other countries who visit Washington.
  5. Support Section objective of knowing what is going on and understanding "Q" issues from the world's perspective.


  1. Hold regular meetings, monthly or bimonthly, of committee members and guests.
  2. Members develop contacts, request and provide information, and report results at regular meetings.
  3. Establish Internet chat room or monitored discussion group on Quality issues open to Section members and worldwide correspondents.
  4. Cooperate in projects of mutual interest to committee members and correspondents in other countries.
  5. Publish information on committee activities and results in the Section newsletter.


  1. No direct income expected from activities.
  2. Expenses will be budgeted and approved for FY 2000.

Performance Metrics

  1. Number of committee meetings held during year.
  2. Number of contacts established and lost in other countries during year.
  3. Number of information exchanges with contacts accomplished during year.
  4. Number of committee members recruited and lost during year.

Support Required From Other Functions

  1. Newsletter will publish committee activities and results.
  2. Education will include course or seminar on quality practices in other countries.
  3. Membership will tell new members about this activity.
  4. Internet will provide chat room or monitored discussion group.
  5. Treasurer will reimburse for budgeted expenses.

For more information about Section 509's International Committee,
email or call him at 301-870-5691


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