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Situations Wanted

The links on this page provide employment opportunities.  They are provided "for information only".   No endorsement by ASQ or any ASQ Section, or member is directed or implied.  If you are interested in applying for a position, please contact the person or organization noted in the announcement.

Scroll down the page to see the job openings.


For the postings shown below, send your resume to the contact shown in the announcement.
(Note: Announcements stay posted for about 60 days.)

LATEST POSTING: July 13, 2005

Business Project Manager (Posted on July 13, 2005)

Director/Vice President, Business Quality Solutions (Posted on Jult 13, 2005)

Jerry Goldberg & Associates, Inc (Posted on July 13, 2005)

QC Consultant (Posted on June 29, 2005)

QC Manager (Posted on June 29, 2005)

Job Opportunity at NarricotIndustries (Posted on June 21, 2005)

Job Opportunity Sr QA Specialis (Posted on June 21, 2005)

Job Opportunity QMG Team Leader (Posted on June 21, 2005)

Performance Excellence Awards Program position at UM (Posted on May 26, 2005)

Quality Manager (Posted on May 24, 2005)

Quality Engineer – Electronics (Posted on May 24, 2005)

QA Manager at Pittsburgh  (Posted on May 24, 2005)

Quality Engineers (Posted on May 24, 2005)

Information Systems Engineer at VA(Posted on May 24, 2005)

Job Opportunity at RichmondTechCenter (Posted on May 17, 2005)

Job Opportunity for Quality Engineer (Posted on May 7, 2005)

Job Opportunity for QC Manager in Texas (Posted on May 7, 2005)

Job Opportunity for QC Scientist in Torrance, CA (Posted on May 7, 2005)

Job Opportunity for QA Analyst (Posted on May 7, 2005)

Job Opportunity at Milford, DE (Posted on April 26, 2005)

Job Opportunity at UDLP GSD (Posted on April 21, 2005)

Plant Quality Manager (Posted on April 21, 2005)

Senior Quality Engineer, Medical Device (posted on April 21, 2005)

Job Opportunity at CNSI (Posted on April 21, 2005)

CareerJournal.com: Career and job site from the Wall Street Journal.

LookSmart Careers: Comprehensive career planning and job finding information.

Wet Feet Press: Find profiles on selected companies, plus career advice and industry research. 

GovtJobs.com: Lists openings in city, county, and local governments. Includes a directory of executive search firms.

Career Magazine: Read current and archived articles and columns on career issues. Includes a resume bank, job openings, and a directory of recruiters.

Post your resume and search for an employment match at Career Web

Search for jobs at JobNet.com

Jobs in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Delaware at Job Circle.com 

Job Info for freelancers, consultants, and independent contractors from FreeAgent.com

Job Opportunities and other Employment Information from FlipDog.com

Job Opportunities in the Frederick, MD area

Jobs and Job Information from JobSpotlight.com

Job Opportunities from CareerShop.com

Job Opportunities from Headhunter.net

Job Opportunities from CareerMart.com

Washington Post Federal Job Finder

Salary and Job Information from Salary.com

Job Opportunities at Quality Resources Online

Job Opportunities at the Quality Today Career Center

Job Opportunities from Curious Cat Career Connections

Job Opportunities from the Knowledge Management Consortium International

Job Opportunities and other Employment Information from the Washington Post

Email your job posting to Wilfrid Amisial,
Placement Chair of ASQ Washington Section at . 


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