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This page provides links to useful quality-related web sites.  
Most are in the U.S.
For links to international quality sites,
visit our International Links page.
You can also search using InfoSeek's search engine at the bottom of this page.

A  note about our links:

We all hate to see the annoying "404 Error."  All of the links on this site are routinely checked to ensure that they are active.  Links that do not work are removed.  We know that, occasionally, you try to access a link and it does not work.   Why?   The most likely reason is that the site is down for maintenance.   Or, the site's hosting service is experiencing problems.  Less likely is that the site has changed its URL or is out of business.  Try again.  If you have problems more than once on different days let us know and  we'll remove the site from the list.

American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) Home Page
A2LA will provide the ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC Guide 25 registration for the Aerospace Materials Division.  Within their site, you can learn about the Association and the services that it provides, as well as access a database of other Guide 25 registered organizations.

American Customer Satisfaction Index
The ACSI is an economic indicator that measures customer satisfaction. Customers evaluations of quality are based on actual experiences with the goods and services being measured. These goods and services are purchased in the United States and produced by both domestic and foreign firms that have substantial U.S. market shares. The first ACSI was released in October 1994. Since then it has been released quarterly with one or two of the measured seven economic sectors updated each quarter.

American National Standards Institute
Though parts of this site are for "Members Only," there is considerable free information on quality-related issues.  Plus, you can access their Reference Library, databases, and more.

American Society for Quality
ASQ is a professional organization dedicated to the development, advancement, and promotion of quality concepts, principles, and techniques. Very good site for organizations seeking to develop or improve their quality systems.  Provides links to ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 sites, and more.

American Society for Quality - Northern Shenandoah Valley Subsection
This is a relatively new subsection serving the area around Winchester, Virginia.  ASQ-NSV is seeking new members and volunteers.  If you are in this area, and you are interested in participating in a quality organization, click the link for more information including contacts.

American Society for Testing and Materials
This is ASTM's Home Page.  You can obtain information about membership, training courses, standards, and more.

American Statistical Association
The ASA is a scientific and educational society founded in 1839 with the mission to promote excellence in the application of statistical science across the wealth of human endeavor.

AOAC International
AOAC International (formerly the Association of Official Analytical Chemists) is an independent association of scientists in the public and the private sectors devoted to promoting methods validation and quality measurements in the analytical sciences.

Association for Quality and Participation
This is an international not-for-profit membership association dedicated to improving workplaces through
quality and participation practices.

Center for Quality and Productivity Improvement
Founded in 1985 at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, CQPI has been at the forefront in the development of new techniques for improving the quality of products, product designs and manufacturing processes, as well as service.

Complexity Resources for Health Care Professionals
VHA Inc., a nationwide alliance of over 1,850 hospitals and health care organizations, is dedicated to supporting efforts by its members to improve their performance and to advance the health of the communities and patients they serve. Among the many programs and services aimed at these objectives is a concentrated effort to uncover promising new leadership and health care delivery concepts. 

CSS Info
Describing itself as, "One-stop, easy access to the latest technical standards and specifications from around the world," this site offers considerable information on international standards.  Check-out the link "Hot Topics" for info on "Standards in Your Industry."

Delaware Section of the American Society for Quality
The Delaware Section of ASQ is a leader in enabling its members and the organizations in our community to continuously improve performance. The Section is widely recognized for its high-quality programs promoting exemplary quality principles and practices.

European Committee for Standardization
CEN's mission is to promote voluntary technical harmonization in Europe in conjunction with worldwide bodies and its partners in Europe.

European Foundation for Quality Management
The European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) was founded in 1988 by the Presidents of 14 major European companies, with the endorsement of the European Commission. The present membership is in excess of 600 organisations ranging from major multinationals and important national companies to research institutes in prominent European universities.

ISO Guide 17025 Home Page
This site contains numerous links related to quality in the laboratory.

ISO Home Page
This is the site of the International Organization for Standardization.  Here, you can also learn what ISO is, and, since there are many misconceptions about ISO, what it is not.  Take a look at the tutorial on ISO 9001.

National Cooperation for Laboratory Accreditation
The National Cooperation for Laboratory Accreditation is comprised of those in the United States who actively support development of a system for recognizing the competence of testing and calibration laboratories, and worldwide acceptance of their test and calibration reports.

National Institute of Standards and Technology
An agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce's Technology Administration, NIST's primary mission is to promote U.S. economic growth by working with industry to develop and apply technology, measurements, and standards.  Find info on Standards and Services using the link "Measurement and Standards Laboratories."

Office of the Secretary of Defense Quality Management Office
The purpose of the Quality Management Office is to "provide Quality Management guidance, through policy and program oversight, to Department of Defense organizations."

Quality Assurance Institute
QAI is an international organization consisting of member companies in search of effective methods for detection-software quality control and prevention-software quality assurance. QAI provides leadership and state-of-the-art solutions in the form of consulting, education services, and assessments.

Quality Digest Magazine
Quality Digest Magazine is a free publication.  You can subscribe, or you can access most articles on their web site.  They also provide a searchable directory of all ISO 9000 registered organization.

Quality Engineering & Manufacturing Association
QEMA is dedicated to Aerospace, Military, Automotive and Commercial business professionals. Products, services, information and expertise is exchanged in all fields.

Quality Management Principle Site
This is an interesting quality site from Sweden.  It provides the following definition of a Quality Management Principle..."A comprehensive and fundamental rule or belief, for leading and operating an organization, aimed at continually improving performance over the long term by focusing on customers while addressing the needs of all stakeholders."  Be sure to check the link Statement and Definition of the Quality Management Principles and More about The Quality Management Principles.

Quality Society of Australasia
The Quality Society of Australasia Limited was formed in 1989 out of a need to provide professional recognition and development for people practising in the field of quality management.

Quality Resources Online
An excellent page of links to other quality sites.

Registrar Accreditation Board
The RAB provides registration and accreditation services, as well as training and publications, to those interested in becoming "quality certified."  The work that A2LA will perform for the Aerospace Materials Division is overseen by the RAB.

"Statline" from "The Quality Magazine"
Statline is a regular column in the Australian publication "The Quality Magazine" contributed by CSIRO Mathematical and Information Sciences.   Has interesting articles on statistics and other quality measurement topics.

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