ASQ Washington, DC Section Scholarship


To encourage and support the study of quality concepts and disciplines by undergraduate students in local colleges and universities. The study of quality may be focused in a major or concentration, or may be part of a more general study of another discipline.


Matriculating students in good standing in two-year and four-year academic programs. Students must be enrolled and planning to take at least one course related to quality concepts and disciplines.


Scholarships to two-year students will be in the amount of $500 per semester, and scholarships to four-year students will be in the amount of $750 per semester. The minimum number of scholarships will be one each for two-year and four-year students.


Written application indicating status in academic program, education objectives, and course(s) in quality that will be taken. Endorsement by academic department chair is required.


One selectee each for a two-year and four-year program. Selection by the section Executive Board after Scholarship Committee has reviewed applications and recommended selectees. Depending on the number of applications received the Scholarship Committee may wish to conduct an interview with the candidates. One primary and two alternates will be selected for each category.


Minutes of Executive Board meetings will document selection. Funds will be disbursed by the Section Treasurer in the name of the selectee and the institution. Scholarship Committee will maintain contact with the selecteeís department chair to ensure attendance and completion of courses. Scholarship Committee chair will take actions specified in ASQ Policy G-55, Establishment of Scholarships.


Support will continue for at least one year and may be extended for a longer period so long as a selectee pursues their stated objective and continues taking quality courses.

The section is sufficiently solvent and the size of its membership has remained nearly constant, which should provide future funding for this scholarship. As part of the sectionís annual Section Management Planning (SMP) process, the Executive Board will evaluate whether to continue to fund the scholarship.

Contact Information

For further information or to submit an application, please contact:

Norm Moreau
Student Affairs
[email protected]


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