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Welcome to ASQ 509's New Quality Discussion page.

This new quality discussion page is designed to facilitate meaningful dialog on quality issues.  We welcome your comments.  Please note that this discussion page is not moderated.  Please leave out any objectionable wording or references.


  1. To begin a discussion and start a new "thread", click the Submit button on the left.  

  2. To respond to a posting, click the title; to respond to a response, click the title after 're:'.  

  3. You can search for discussion topics using the Search button.  

After you submit your comments, you can return to this page to see your posting.  Responses to your posting will appear below the original posting.


Note: you may need to reload this page to see the most recent additions.

Process Mapping David A. Morrow 10 Apr 2001
Service quality in life insurance K.R,Subramanian 23 Mar 2001
ASQ's Internet Learning Series Bob Froster 26 Feb 2001
ASQ's Computer-Based Training Cecil Rhodes 06 Feb 2001
ASQ's Computer-Based Training Cecil Rhodes 06 Feb 2001
Redundancy in Clause 8 of ISO 9000:2000? George Woodberry 24 Jan 2001

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