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ASQ Section 509 Membership Appreciation Dinner

December 13, 2018


IMPORTANT: If you are a member of ASQ Section 509 and have NOT been receiving our biweekly Section 509 emails, please email our Webmaster at [email protected] Or click below...
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General Membership Meetings! 


We are looking for future speakers to present at our General Membership Meetings.  We are also looking for new locations to hold the event.  If you are interested in presenting at a future meeting or know of a place to hold our dinner meetings, please contact George Chang, Programs Chair at .

Remember to check our bi-weekly email announcements and event calendar for our next meeting.See you there!

Certification Refresher Courses

The Washington DC and Maryland Metro Section offers refresher courses for some of the ASQ certification examinations.  See the Certification and Training Page for the offered courses as well as other training resources. 

Certification Examinations - IMPORTANT CHANGES

Beginning with the upcoming September 1, 2016 exams, ASQ will transition to computer-based testing, or CBT, for its exam delivery. Although the application/approval process will not change, candidates will be required to take an additional step after being approved to schedule their testing appointment with Prometric.

With this transition comes significant changes that will improve the exam certification experience. The changes include increase in annual exam administrations, increase in testing locations and quicker test results.

Learn more about these important changes at asq.org/cbt.

Web site log-in instructions

The log-in instructions are as follows: Click "Login" link on left side. For username, use your First Initial + Last Name For password, use your ASQ membership number. DO NOT ADD LEADING ZEROS.  Note: ASQ Section 509 gets new member data once a month.  Please wait at least 30 days from joining ASQ before attempting to log into our web site.  If login is not successful 30 days from joining ASQ, contact the webmaster ().

If login is successful, you will see your "My Profile" page with five or six tabs. You may also see the ASQ Newsfeed and links. You will see the newsfeed/links on the "My Profile" page each time you log in. Select the Login/Contact Information Tab to change your Username or password. Password must be at least 7 characters. 

News Feeds

Japanese Carmakers’ Weapon of Choice in Trump Trade War: Flexible Factories
At points along the assembly line at Nissan Motor Co Ltd.’s largest U.S. factory, workers wheel trolleys past shelves selecting parts wherever they see a green or blue light. Nissan calls the system “pick to the light,” and it helps workers get the right part for whichever of six different...
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How Robotics Are Revolutionizing the Grocery Supply Chain
By Angelina Mason In today’s factories there’s a lot more to technology than conveyor belts. Specialized machinery is enabling faster, cheaper and more efficient production and distribution. And despite fears that increased levels of automation will result in robots taking our jobs, in many...
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Why We Need to Define Success in Our Evolution Toward Self-Driving
By Bryan Reimer As we strive to automate, risks must be appropriately balanced with benefits. The question society has yet to answer is what does success in our quest for an automated mobility system look like? The convenience of low-cost on-demand personal mobility has taken our roads by...
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NAFTA 2.0 Could Draw Some Jobs Back to U.S., But at What Cost?
By Paul Wiseman President Donald Trump insists his new North American trade deal will deliver a victory for U.S. factory workers by returning many high-paying jobs to the United States. Maybe. But a review of the agreement suggests that it could also mean higher prices for consumers and...
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