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Certification Exams - Volunteer Opportunities

There are a couple of opportunities to volunteer throughout the year related to giving ASQ certification exams.  


1. Exam Site Sponsor

Basic responsibilities of the exam site sponsor are to provide a location that is available from 7 am-2 pm on a Saturday morning as well as provide an on-site “host” the day of the exam.



1. Located in Maryland -- easy to get to for examines

2. Free parking

3. Tables -- enough room for open book materials used by examinee (examinees can not share materials)

4. Room that can accommodate up to 30-40 examinees

5. Security is limited (that is, not all examinees are US citizens)

6. Access to restrooms nearby


If you have a potential exam site, please contact Susan Leister, Certification Chair, at


2. Assistant Proctor - Earns 0.5 points toward ASQ recertification.


Note: You do not have to be certified to proctor. For exams you proctor, you must wait a year to take the exam.


Basic responsibilities of the proctors are to assist in the following exam day tasks:

  • Sign-in examinees and check photo IDs.
  • Review examinee’s reference materials to ensure no question-and-answer formatted materials are used during the exam.
  • Distribute test materials.
  • Answer any examinee questions that may arise.  (Typically there aren’t any.)
  • Observe examinees to ensure there is no inappropriate activity.
  • Collect test materials (answer sheets, exam booklets, and scrap paper) and verify that all required examinee information is on the answer sheet and test roster.
  • Initial the roster to indicate the exam materials were returned.

The typical morning activity level is busy at registration, quiet time for the next few hours, busy at the end as exams are collected.


If you are interested in volunteering as an Assistant Proctor, please contact Susan Leister, Certification Chair, at