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Software Special Interest Group (SSIG)


The purpose of the Software Special Interest Group is to provide software quality professionals and software professionals interested in quality with an opportunity for growth and exchange of ideas with other software professionals, and to facilitate growth in the number and expertise of the ASQ membership.


  • Arrange meetings (currently monthly) at a convenient time and place.
  • Provide a diversity of speaker topics within the general heading of software quality.
  • Provide knowledgeable speakers from the professional and/or academic worlds.
  • Keep in touch with and respond to the professional communities desires for the meetings.
  • Reach out to students, who will soon enter the software profession.
  • Disseminate information about: ASQ membership, the Software Division, certification, and training opportunities.

For more information about Section 509's Software Special Interest Group Contact Rhonda Farrell ([email protected]).

Software SIG Next Meeting

ASQ 509 / 511 Software SIG Monthly Meeting

5:30 - 5:50 PM Networking & Pizza

5:50 - 6:00 PM Awards

6:00 - 7:00 PM Program

7:00 - 7:15 PM Q&A and Announcements

Phishing for a Living

Presented by Naheed Bleecker

Vice President, Information Technology, Cielo

        Yes, there are professionals trying to extract information from you!

Firefighter, teacher, nurse and…. professional thief. These are all viable career choices.  Those who phish, vish, catfish, whale, waterhole (and other metaphoric verbs) prey upon people who are simply trying to do their own job. Let’s discuss how we can continue to make our employees more vigilant about these criminal tactics and build support for your awareness program and measure its effectiveness and quality.  Hard statistics are important, and so are other cultural indicators that illustrate defects are being minimized.

Naheed Bleecker is currently the Vice President of Information Technology at Cielo. She is responsible for the Global Infrastructure team, and acts as the CISO. Cielo has been named #1 in Global Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) by HRO Today Magazine. Prior to that she was a Senior IT Security Manager a CUNA Mutual Group, where she was responsible for the security awareness program, impacting over 4000 employees at multiple locations.  Ms. Bleecker realizes the importance of securing the most critical endpoint in the organization:  the human.  Ms. Bleecker has coordinated year-long initiatives such as testing, newsletters, and contests.  These efforts culminate in the annual October capstone events in recognition of NCSAM.  She attributes the success of her programs to the collaboration with other departments such as Communications, Privacy and Records Management.

Ms. Bleecker graduated from the University of Kentucky with a BA in English.  She has over 25 years of experience in information technology, and has worked in a variety of industries.  Her certifications include CISA, CISM, PMP, Six Sigma Black Belt and ISO 27001 Lead Implementer. Her volunteer work includes discussing concepts of internet safety for young people.

October Flyer here.



Past Software SIG Presentations

ASQ Transformation Initiative, presented by Jim Templin, Lynelle Korte, Bill Brody, and Cynthia Nazario, November 28, 2017

Phishing for a Living, presented by Ms. Naheed Bleecker, October 24, 2017

Quality-Driven Innovation in Systems and Software, presented by Dr. Nicole Radziwill, September 26, 2017

Improving Enterprise Security: Cyber Threat Sharing with STIX and TAXII, presented by Mr. Christopher Lenk and Mr. Michael Kouremetis, 22 August, 2017

Aligning Corporate Governance with IT Governance and Why Should I Care?, presented by Ms. Louise Peabody, 25 July 2017

New or Improved! Software Engineering Standards for Quality, presented by Dr. Annette Reilly, 27 June 2017

Risk Management Frameworks, Life Cycle Application, and Professional Certifications, presented by Mr. Walter Cekala, 23 May 2017

Internet of Things, presented by Nyla Beth Gawel, 24 April, 2017

What is Performance Engineering and How is it Relevant?, presented by Dr. Danny Moore, 28 March, 2017

We are paying for What? It Asset Management: security, sanity, and saving money, presented by Mr. David Morse, 28 February, 2017

Secure SDLC: How to Drive Adoption, presented by Mr. Curtis Bragdon, 24 Jan 2017

Lean Risk Management, presented by Mr. Mike Helton, 29 Nov 2016

Understanding Cyber Adversaries with ATT&CK -- The Post-Exploit Threat Model, presented by Dr. Andy Applebaum, 25 Oct 2016

Radical Risk Identification for the 21st Century, presented by Ms. Laurie Wiggins, 27 SEP 2016

Software Defects and Software Reliability Assessment presented by Kristine Hejna 05/24/2016

The IT Infrastructure Library - a Tool for Creating and Maintaining Value in IT Services  presented by Jeanne Schock 04/26/2016

Information System Contingency Plan (ISCP) A Success Story  presented by Rob White 03/22/2016

Building Proficiency in Process Improvement Skills  presented by Tim Kelley 02/23/2016

Evaluating Hazards in Critical Software Dependent Systems  presented by Sushil Birla 12/15/2015

A Lean Approach to Requirements Validation  presented by Cary Bryczek 11/24/2015

Mobile Security: the Risk We All Carry  presented by Alex Gladd 10/27/2015

Practical Risk Management  presented by Mary Lewis 9/22/2015 -- accompanying document: US Department of Energy, Risk Management: A Practical Guide

Testing Software where Cause is De-coupled from Effect  presented by George Hurlburt 8/25/2015

Software Service Level Agreement and Database HA solutions  presented by Michael Chapiro 7/21/2015

Teaching and Old Dog new Tricks: Agile for Legacy Systems  presented by Craeg Strong 6/23/2015

Cyber-Security Policy and Ethics
  presented by Kelly Yamaguchi 5/26/2015

Be Careful What You Pay For 
presented by Rick Spiewak 4/28/2015

Website Performance Testing Strategies to use in Emergency Situations 
presented by Rudy Regner 3/24/2015

CISQ Quality Standard Overview and Integrating Security into SDLC 
presented by Shahid Shah 2/24/2015

If It Passes Test, It Must Be OK Common Misconceptions and The Immutable Laws of Software Development
  presented by Girish Seshagiri 1/27/2015

Automated Quality Testing Challenges with Big Data  presented by Michael Chapiro 11/25/2014

Risk Management 103: Risk Metrics Part 2 - Metrics Applications  presented by Mike Helton 10/28/2014

Risk Management 103: Risk Metrics Part 1 - Measuring Risk and the Risk Process  presented by Mike Helton 09/23/2014

The Discipline of Software Engineering 
presented by Mark Doernhoefer of MITRE 08/26/2014

Applying Process Mining to IT Big Data  presented by Richard Eng of MITRE 07/22/2014

A Rules Engine Experiment:  Lessons Learned on When and How to use a Rules-Based Solution  presented by Cris Hutto of MITRE 06/24/2014

Using Agile Principles to Deliver Real Business Value at Scale  presented by: Mark Shima and Joseph Hilger 5/27/2014

Building a Software Assurance Road-map and Using It Effectively  presented by Robert Martin of MITRE 04/22/2014

Open Source Software and Government  presented by David Wheeler of the Institute for Defense Analysis 02/25/2014

Get the Requirements Right...the First Time...  presented by Wayne Beekman of Information Concepts 01/28/2014

Success with Enterprise Architecture  presented by Phil Homan 12/17/2013

A Special Pre-presentation on IEEE Benefits, Including a Video and the IEEE-USA Congressional Representation Preceded the Main Program.  10/29/2013

Development of a Configuration Management Standard for a Government Agency  presented by Ron Perrella and Russ Roseman 10/29/2013

Leadership and Career Development  presented by Joe Ludford 9/24/2013

Model-based Architecture and Engineering  presented by Victor Harrison 8/27/2013

Risk Management 102  presented by Mike Helton 7/23/2013

Open Stack  presented by Pat Holben 6/25/2013

Requirements Metrics for Requirements Statements  presented by Chao Y. Din 5/28/2013

High Maturity Practices and Lifetime Warranty Against Software Defects  presented by Girish Seshagiri 4/23/2013

The Rise of Big Data and Data Science  presented by Donald Miner 3/26/2013

Risk Management presented by Al Florence 2/26/2013

Configuration Management presented by Russ Roseman 1/22/2013 audio file

Near Future of Automated Software Testing  presented by Elfriede Dustin 11/29/2012

Knowledge Extraction and Analysis of Software  presented by Mike Oara and Rama Moorthy of Hatha Systems 10/23/2012  audio file

Agile Quality Management Techniques  presented by Jim Jamieson 9/25/2012 audio file

Software Security Assurance: Enabling Security Automation and Software Supply Chain Risk Management  Presented by Joe Jarzombek of DHS 8/30/2012  audio file

Requirements-Management Requirements -- Requistite Doors to Success  Presented by Alfred Kromholz of MITRE 7/24/2012  (No slides or audio file available)

Systems Engineering Management Process (SEMP)  Presented by Jim Todd of DRC  6/26/2012  (The link is to the audio recording.  No slides were used.)

Software Assurance Metrics and Tool Evaluation (SAMATE) Overview  Presented by Tim Boland of NIST  5/29/2012.

Cybersecurity Myths, Twists, and Strategies  Presented by Bill Neugent of MITRE  4/24/2012. audio file

Exposing Security Risks for Commercial Mobile Devices (CMDs) Presented by Jeff Voas of NIST and Angelos Stavrou of GMU  3/27/2012.  audio file

Understanding How the Bad Guys Attack Your Software: CAPEC Presented by Sean Barnum of MITRE  2/21/2012.  audio file

Building Watson--An Overview of the DeepQA Project Presented by David A. Ferrucci of IBM  1/24/2012  (slides are not available).

Leveraging Semantic Web Technologies for Improved Decision Making Presented by Samuel Chance 11/29/2011.  rescheduled from earlier  audio file

Predicting Software Quality Early  Presented by Girish Seshagiri 10/25/2011. audio file

Transforming Technical Leads into Effective project Managers  Presented by Rita Hadden 9/20/2011. audio file

Leveraging Semantic Web Technologies for Improved Decision Making  Presented by Samuel Chance 8/23/2011.  meeting canceled

Software Quality in 2011: A Survey of the State of the Art  Presented by Capers Jones 7/26/2011.

The Smart Grid: Power for the 21st Century  Presented by George Arnold 6/28/2011.  audio file of Smart Grid

Overview of the NIST Risk Management Framework as described in SP 800-37  Presented by Lance Kelson 5/24/2011.    audio file 1