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September Six Sigma SIG Meeting  

1616 Anderson Road
Center Conference Room (3rd Floor)

McLean, Virginia  22102

Sep 19, 2007    6:00 pm - 8:30 pm

“Experiential Quality and the Future”

Presented by

Mr. Steven Wilson

 National ASQ Board Member
Chief Quality Officer at the U.S. Department of Commerce

Wednesday, September 19, 2007




Experiential quality is an important part of customer expectations, as well as innovation and creating value. Learn how quality and ASQ will continue to fit into the world, and how quality practitioners can use their skills to influence customer service and experience.

Speaker: Mr. Wilson is the lead figure in the field of HACCP for the USDC Seafood Inspection Program and has been the main developer, trainer and implementer of the Program.  In his position as manager for the USDC HACCP Quality Management Program, he has been personally involved in the training of inspectors and industry, review and evaluation of HACCP and quality plans, development of model plans, and has traveled extensively overseas for the purpose of developing and evaluating HACCP-based quality systems for individual facilities and governments.  He has served as Chairman of the Conference for Food Protection’s HACCP Committee and on the HACCP Library Steering Committee for the National Center for Food Safety and Technology.  His certifications include Certified Quality Auditor, Certified HACCP Auditor, and Certified Quality Manager by the American Society for Quality.  Mr. Wilson has also served as the representative of the United States in several international workshops and seminars as an expert in HACCP and Quality Systems for the Seafood Industry.  He is active in the American Society for Quality and the Institute of Food Technologists, is co-editor of Certified HACCP Auditor Handbook, and currently serves on the ASQ Board of Directors. He holds a BS degree in Food Science and Industry and a Master of Business Administration, is currently completing his PhD in Food Technology.

Please register by emailing your name, title, organization and industry to .  Registration is complimentary and ASQ Membership is not required.  Pizza and soda refreshments will be provided.

Your competitors will be here.  Your clients will be here.  Shouldn’t you be here too?

For more details, map and directions to TEQCORNER, see the meeting announcement below.

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