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June General Meeting  

The Golden Bull Restaurant
7 Dalamar Street
Gaithersburg, Maryland  20877

Jun 15    6:00 pm - 9:15 pm

Deneen M. Richmond, MHA, RN
Executive Director, Delmarva Foundation of the District of Columbia
Senior Vice President, Delmarva Foundation, Interventions Team
“Delmarva Foundation’s Baldrige Journey & Local Healthcare Quality Initiatives”

The Delmarva Foundation works to improve health care in partnership with thousands of physicians and nurses and hundreds of healthcare delivery institutions. Ms. Richmond will provide an overview of the Foundation, a national, not-for-profit organization with offices in Maryland, the District of Columbia, Florida, and California. Delmarva Foundation is a winner of the 2005 U.S. Senate Productivity Award. Ms. Richmond will highlight their two-year Baldrige journey that led to this wonderful honor. Ms. Richmond will also share the organization's extensive quality improvement experience, innovative leadership in knowledge transfer and expertise in developing statewide and regional collaboratives promoting rapid change in healthcare settings. The organization carries out its mission through its roles as the Medicare Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) in Maryland and the District of Columbia, an Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Knowledge Transfer contractor, its leadership of the Maryland Patient Safety Center (MPSC) in partnership with the Maryland Hospital Association, as well as through other health care quality and patient safety contracts and grants.

See the June General Meeting announcement below for more details.

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