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November ISO9000 Users Group Meeting  

Baltimore Aircoil Company
7600 Dorsey Run Road

Jessup, Maryland  20794

Nov 18    6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

The Open Trichotomy Mesh Model (OTM2):  What Next Generation Leaders Need to Know…
Facilitators: Thomas Robinson & Brett Hahne

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Location: Baltimore Aircoil Company (BAC)
7600 Dorsey Run Road
Jessup, MD 20794
 (Call Kerry Higgins at 410-627-5178 if you need additional directions)

6:00 - 6:30: Refreshments and Networking    6:30 - 8:00: Presentation & Open Discussion
The event is free.  The experience is priceless!!  See registration link below.

Registration: To attend this event, please register here

Program Summary:

Brett and T.G. will share their perspective on The Open Trichotomy Mesh Model® (OTM²) and the role this new philosophy plays as a central tool for modeling situations, individuals, team interactions and organizational behavior, as means to improve decision making in a world of dwindling resources and the constant pressure to deliver high quality solutions. This is a new customer-focused way of thinking & working…

By leveraging the techniques and tools inherent within the OTM, teams will be armed with a powerful set of capabilities to improve efficiency, quality, and production levels. Further, the integrated over-lay of OTM2 with standard and non-standard development methodologies will be explained. This is a must-see for development team members, leaders and management across all industries and specialties, including: quality assurance/quality management, change management, project/program management, and sytems egnineering.


Brett Hahne is co-founder of EMHInternational; a training, consulting and software engineering organization specializing in the application of Systems Engineering and Project Management capabilities. EMHInternational has developed and applied advanced systems engineering concepts for customers such as the U.S Navy, NASA, the South Carolina School Improvement Council among others. Mr. Hahne possesses over 20 years experience in management, software/systems engineering, project/program management and is the author of multiple custom rapid application development methodologies. Mr. Hahne's specialties include the application and development of advanced applications utilizing artificial intelligence solutions to solve complex business problems. Mr. Hahne graduated from George Mason University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Decision Sciences/Systems Engineering.
Dr. Thomas G. Robinson, Jr. is the is co-founder of Perez-Robinson & Sons, LLC a leadership training, and creative management consulting organization specializing in the application of Micro-Messaging,  decision-making for next generation leaders and organizational designs for large, mid-size, and emerging companies (as well as Family and Community Units). Perez-Robinson & Sons, LLC has successfully launched elements of The Open Trichotomy Mesh Model (OTM2) in a diverse array of teams from AT&T, Lucent Technologies, Verizon, 21Birdstone, Krabbtree Inc., and numerous Family and Community Teams. Dr. Robinson is a 25-year Technology Management veteran, the last 9 spent as a charter member of Verizon. In his career with AT&T, Lucent Technologies and Verizon, he has been involved with numerous application, technology, and architecture life-cycles in diverse roles ranging from sales, marketing, project management, quality management, network engineering, process management, cost management, schedule management, change management etc. Dr. Robinson’s specialties include diversity within the decision-making sciences, inter-personal communications and motivational tools & techniques. Dr. Robinson has a Bachelor of Science from James Madison University, a Masters in Business Administration (MBA, w/ emphasis in Technology Management) from National University, and a Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership from The University of Phoenix School of Advanced Studies. He also is a Project Management Professional (PMP) and is a former Captain in The United States Marine Corps.

Questions? Contact Kerry Higgins, Chair-ISO 9000 Users Group at

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