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Biomed/Biotech Special Interest Group  

Kelly's Deli Conference Center
Next to the entrance to 7519 Standish Drive
FDA/CVM Center
Rockville, Maryland  20855

Aug 20, 2014    6:00 pm - 8:45 pm (GMT -5:00) EST

�Anthropogenic Global Warming 
- Is It An Inconvenient Truth or Hoax?�

To be presented by

James Whang, PhD, PE
Co-Founder & Former Chairman/President, AEPLOG, Inc.
Founder, Chairman, & President, AEPCO, Inc. (sold in 2007)
Founder & Chairman, 3e Technologies International (3eTI; sold in 2006)

Wednesday (a new weekday), August 20, 2014

6:00 � 6:20 PM � Networking; Pizza/drink 
6:20 � 8:45 PM � Program 
8:45 � 9:00 PM � Door-prizes drawing; Networking

Online Registration site: https://asq509.org/ht/d/DoSurvey/i/35817
Open to Public � 
$5: non-ASQ members to cover pizza/drink cost; 
Free: ASQ members, past SIG speakers, veterans, senior citizens, teachers, students, interns, residents, postdocs, FDA Commissioner�s Fellows, MJ-DC members, NTUAADC members, CKUADC members, CAPA members, CCACC volunteers/employees, FAPAC members, CBA members, AAGEN members, Commissioned Corp officers, and current job-seekers. 
Location: Kelly�s Deli Conference Center, 7519 Standish Place, Rockville (Derwood, for GPS users), MD 20855
Registration Deadline: Please register by Wednesday noon, August 20, 2014.  
Question: Please contact Dr. C.J. George Chang, Chair of Biomed/Biotech SIG, ASQ509; [email protected] or 240-793-8425 (cell).

Driving directions: By Cars: From I-270 (N or S bound): Take Exit 9A and exit from the FIRST right exit; turn left (east) onto Shady Grove Dr.; turn right (south) onto Rockville Pike (Route 355); turn left (east) onto East Gude Dr.; turn left (north) immediately onto Crabb�s Branch Dr.; turn left (west) immediately onto Standish Place. The first building on your right side is 7519 Standish Place; open parking). The venue is on the first floor with its entrance opposite to the left side of building main entrance. By Metro trains: Off from Red Line Shady Grove Station, and take RideOn Route 59 TOWARD ROCKVILLE and get off from �Calhoun Place� stop. Standish Place is next to the Bus stop. Our venue is within 2 min of walking distance from the stop.

Summary:  In this presentation, the speaker wishes to share with us the following: 
Planet Earth and Its Energy Balance (a Giant Climatological "Heat Engine")
Atmospheric Compositions
Other Atmospheric Matters Which Also Modify the Energy Balance (Aerosols, Albedo, Water Vapor, Clouds, etc.)
Earth Temperature Measurements (the "Ice Hokey" Temperature Curve)--Global Warming
Greenhouse Effects , Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) 
The History of the Modern Weather Instruments and Stations
Representativeness of Global Weather Station Network
Paleo-climatological Studies (Polar Ice Coring, etc.) & Applicability (Natural and Non-Anthropogenic)
Emissions and Concentrations of Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Nitrogen Oxide, etc. (Natural vs. Manmade)--Recent and Ancient
Global Warming Potential of GHGs � Natural vs. Anthropogenic 
Emissions and Concentrations of Water Vapor (Natural vs. Manmade)
Sources and Sinks of Carbon Dioxide, etc. (Oceans vs. Lands) and Accountability
Vertical Profiles of Carbon Dioxide, Ozone, Water Vapor, etc.
Inter-Hemispheric Energy/Substance Transports (Northern vs. Southern Hemispheres)
Why Ozone Holes Are Bigger in Southern Hemisphere?
Cause-and-Effect Relationships
Nobel Peace Prize Award to IPCC and Al Gore
Conclusions, Observations, and Suggestions
Presenter�s Bio: 
Dr. James Whang, PhD, PE, received his BS degree (Sanitary and Civil Engineering) from National Cheng-Kung Univ., Taiwan, ROC and his MS and PhD (Environmental Engineering) from Univ. of Maryland.  He is a registered Professional Engineer (PE) in Environmental/Civil Engineering since 1977.  Dr. Whang individually and together with his company has been receiving numerous awards and honors in the past 3 decades from the City of Rockville, Montgomery County, Maryland State, local and/or international associations, and U.S. Department of the Navy (AEGIS Excellence Awards).  He was named as one of the top 25 CEOs in Montgomery County in 2007 and has served as the Chair of the Advisory Board for the Great Washington, DC area of the International Leadership Foundation in the past years.

AEPLOG, Inc. and its subsidiaries (including 3eTI), under Dr. Whang�s leadership, have successfully developed and commercialized several unique and well marketed technology products, including innovative environmental pollution control technologies.  Dr. Whang has authored more than 100 technical papers and report in the environmental engineering and science, encompassing environmental compliance assurance and audit, hazardous waste/material minimization, control and/or remediation of multi-media contamination problem; and development and implementation of cleaner �green technologies�.  He has been frequently invited to speak on professional conferences including a participation of the Energy Summit to organize, plan, and establish the Maryland Clean Energy Center.

Beside his expertise in biomedical/biotechnology, he also leads his organizations to have successfully developed other specialty products including: advanced composite materials; tele-monitoring, tele-maintenance, distance-learning, distance tech-assistance; microelectronic shock sensors; wireless microelectronic sensors, virtual instruments/interfaces, and internet/intranet connectivity; radio-frequency identification (RFID) chips for communication, safety monitoring, and defense industries; which has brought about positive impacts on national defense/security, environmental security, and selected industries. Dr. Whang was appointed as an expert consultant on US Army Science Board by the Secretary of US Dept.of Defense and the Secretary of the US Army.

This Biomed/Biotech SIG event is cosponsored by the Monte Jade Science and Technology Association of Greater Washington (www.MonteJadeDC.org) and NTU Alumni Association at DC (www.ntuaadc.org).