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An Evening with Aviation, Space, and Defense Division  

Hilton Garden Inn at Greenbelt

Oct 21   starts at 5:30 pm

An Evening with Aviation, Space, and Defense Division


"Customer Centric Focus for Quality and Mission Assurance"

Hilton Garden Inn
Greenbelt, MD

October 21, 2014

5:30pm – Hors d' Oeuvres, soft drinks, and cash bar
6:30pm – Keynote Speaker

Registration: We are told there is no registration to this event, just to attend.

The Aviation Space & Defense Division in conjunction with the Government Division would like to invite ASQ members to a special evening event at the Hilton Garden Inn in Greenbelt, Maryland on October 21st. They are hosting a local event after the NASA Supply Chain Quality Assurance Conference at Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) on the first day.  There will be Hors d"Oeuvres, soft drinks and a cash bar at 5:30 pm with a Keynote speaker at around 6:30.. 

Lee Tait, VP of Quality and Mission Assurance at Aerojet Rocketdyne, will be giving a presentation on "Customer Centric Focus for Quality and Mission Assurance". Ms. Tait is the Chair elect of the Aviation Space & Defense Division. The Government Division will also have their Treasurer, Dr. Laura Freeman, in attendance.

Ms. Tait will focus on the various mechanisms for ensuring a continuing focus on the customer in AS&D, to include accurate requirements flow down and understanding/fulfilling customer requests. This is critical for product quality, from the buying customer to the primes, and from the primes to the first tier suppliers, and thence throughout the supply chain. Many times, quality issues are the result of misinterpretation or lack of understanding of the specific customer needs and wants .

The topic will also look at how continual focus on customers provides a strong foundation for both customer satisfaction and improved product and process quality. Discussion will range from industry actions to create commonality and clarity for top level quality requirements across the AS&D industry, to specific strategies within the presenter’s company to strengthen customer focus .

The attendees of the NASA Supply Chain Quality Assurance  Conference will all be invited, which is sponsored by the GSFC  Safety & Mission Assurance Directorate, to attend this event. This is a great opportunity, even if you do not come to many ASQ meetings.

Please take this opportunity to come out and meet with other ASQ members and learn about our Divisions.  We are told there is no registration for this evening event, so it is simply open to attend.

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