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Biomed/Biotech Special Interest Group  

Julius West Middle School cafeteria
651 Great Falls Rd.
Rockville, Maryland  20850

Dec 11, 2014    6:00 pm - 8:45 pm (GMT -5:00) EST

�New View of US Science and Medical Research Innovation Potential � From the Perspective of STEM Students�

To be presented by

Margie A. Fat
Milos Milenkovic
Henry Stevenson-Perez
Scientific Knowledge Management Research Institute (SKMRI)

Thursday, December 11, 2014

6:00 � 6:20 PM � Networking; Pizza/drink 
6:20 � 8:45 PM � Program 
8:45 � 9:00 PM � Door-prizes drawing; Networking

Online Registration site: https://asq509.org/ht/d/DoSurvey/i/35817
Open to Public � 
$5: non-ASQ members to cover pizza/drink cost; 
Free: ASQ members, veterans, senior citizens, past speakers, teachers, students, interns, residents, postdocs, FDA Commissioner�s Fellows, MJ-DC members, NTUAADC members, CAPA members, CKUAADC members, CCACC volunteers/employees, FAPAC members, CBA members, AAGEN members, Commissioned Corp officers, and current job-seekers. 

Location: Cafeteria, Julius West Middle School, Rockville , MD 20855 (a new venue)
Driving directions: By Cars: Intersection of I-270 and Falls Road, Rockville. 

Registration Deadline: Please register by Thursday noon, December 11, 2014.  
Question: Please contact Dr. C.J. George Chang, Chair of Biomed/Biotech SIG, ASQ509; [email protected] or 240-793-8425 (cell).


The 21st Century American  living-environment & economic-realities are rapidly transforming, with many brand-new levels of complexity, which have  introduced many new levels of uncertainty, as our nation is rapidly leaving old �local communities�, �agriculture�, and �manufacturing� social-models behind � and as Americans are being progressively thrust into a new global, infinitely-digital, science & technology economy.   America is not currently prepared to meet this challenge.    Numerous international studies have confirmed that American students are ranked around #25 in the world, when it comes to their science, technology, engineering & math (STEM) skills.

A new scientific discovery, actually 50 years in the making, offers the promise of rapidly-growing the STEM workplace skills of young American students:  This purely-mathematical scientific-language is known as the Scientific Knowledge Management (SKM) Citizen-Scientist Toolset.   The SKM Citizen-Scientist Toolset is a multi-dimensional & easy-to-grasp map that reveals the primary scientific principles that govern human �health�, and a learner can only master its proper use through direct personal experimentation. Students who master the purely-mathematical SKM Citizen-Scientist Toolset system are able to provide accurate true-states assessments of dynamic physical-systems, by characterizing the key unchangeable universal dimensions of the dynamic system that is under consideration.

This presentation will describe more details about the development of the purely-mathematical SKM Citizen-Scientist Toolset system, how it actually works, and our results to date using this system (after 8 years of formal research) in practical educational settings, including with local middle-school STEM students.

Speakers� Bios: 

Margie Arreglo Fat has an undergraduate degree in childhood education and has served as a STEM educator for the past six years in the Prince George�s County Public School (PGCPS) System.  She has extensive graduate degree training and advanced teaching certificates in this field.  She is also the volunteer director of the Space-medicine Summer Academy (SSA) Program at Buck Lodge Middle School in Adelphi, Maryland.  She seeks to discover new ways for empowering underprivileged, minority middle school students with STEM workplace-preparedness skills by means of the free, after-school Scientific Knowledge Management (SKM) Citizen-Scientist Toolset Orientation program.  She collaborates with senior scientists at Walter Reed, FDA, USDA, and NASA to bring valuable STEM workplace-preparedness resources to her students.  Her long-term professional goal is to launch a non-profit Young-Innovators Pre-K STEM Academy, whereby the academic advantages of the purely-mathematical SKM Citizen-Scientist Toolset language can be offered to Americans at a very young age.

Milos Milenkovic holds an undergraduate degree in hospitality and business management.  He has also engaged in a wide variety of post-graduate educational activities; most notably, shadowing the STEM teachers in the PGCPS school system and their senior scientist counter-parts in top federal agencies (such as USDA, FDA, NASA and Walter Reed) since 2009 as a videographer, seeking to document the pathways to STEM educational excellence for American children.   Milos has produced several documentary films for the all-volunteer SKM Citizen-Scientist research team, and he has emerged as a senior researcher in this promising STEM educational field.   His long-term goal is to launch a non-profit TV content production company that focuses upon helping Americans to understand the many educational challenges � & the huge opportunities � that we face, as we re-tool our public education system to deliver new levels of STEM workplace excellence in the 21st Century.

Henry Stevenson-Perez is a part-time Senior Staff Scientist & Oncology Physician at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC) in Bethesda, Maryland, specializing in conducting immune-based clinical trials for cancer:  He has published nearly 200 articles & abstracts on this topic.   He is also a life-long science & medicine educator, who has taken up the challenge of discovering new ways for restoring America�s world-class standing in scientific discovery and medical innovation.  He currently also serves as the Volunteer Director of the non-profit, Scientific Knowledge Management Research Institute (SKMRI).  

This Biomed/Biotech SIG event is cosponsored by the Monte Jade Science and Technology Association of Greater Washington (www.MonteJadeDC.org) and NTU Alumni Association at DC (www.ntuaadc.org).