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Elected Officers

All terms are one fiscal year (January 1 - December 31)
Qualifications: Must be an ASQ member in good standing.

Section Chair
General Description - Serve as Chief Executive Officer of the section. Oversee all aspects of section management and lead all volunteers. Liaison with regional director and headquarters.

Section Chair-Elect
General Description - The Chair-elect is elected in the year preceding his or her term as chair and is expected to develop strategic direction while preparing for the next year. This is a two-year commitment as this position will advance to Chair the following year.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Attend monthly executive committee meeting
  • Work closely with the chair to learn how to manage the section
  • Become familiar with Society operations, bylaws, and policies and procedures
  • Preside over the section in the absence of the chair
  • Uphold ASQ and section bylaws and policies and procedures

Section Secretary
General Description - Document section business and maintain records of the section.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Attend monthly executive committee meeting
  • Record minutes of executive committee meetings and provide copies to the committee
  • Uphold ASQ and section bylaws and policies and procedures

Section Treasurer
General Description - Oversee section funds; maintain accurate section financial records; and report on financial condition of section to the executive committee.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Attend monthly executive committee meeting
  • Maintain the section finances
  • Prepare section annual report
  • Uphold ASQ and section bylaws and policies and procedures.

Section 509 Chairs

Arrangements Chair
Oversees arrangements for all regular meetings of the section and other special programs and conferences as assigned by the Section Leadership Committee or other committee chairs.

Audit Chair
The Audit Chair coordinates and manages the auditing function based on ASQ section requirements as determined by Society policies and procedures.

Examination Chair
Coordinates and manages section activities related to the ASQ certification program. Responsible for the coordination, planning and execution of ASQ's certification examinations.

Education Chair
Plans and implements educational programs for the Section such as conferences and/or special seminars.

Membership Chair
Responsible for section efforts to recruit and retain members, ensuring member value and satisfaction to promote section growth.

Placement Chair
Coordinate the section?s job placement program to facilitate access to professional opportunities for section members and assist area companies with recruiting quality professionals.

Publicity Chair
Ensure that section meetings and programs are publicized through a variety of media outlets reaching the membership and local community in a timely manner.

Program Chair
Responsible for planning and implementing General Membership meeting programs.

Recertification Chair
Coordinate and manage section activities related to ASQ's recertification program. Help section members with the recertification process.

Special Interest Group (SIG) or Userís Group Chair (s)
Serves as the leader of all involved volunteers in a particular special interest group (SIG) or userís group (UG) of the ASQ Washington Section 509 and oversees all aspects of SIG/UG management.  Functions as the primary contact with the Sectionís Chair. SIGs/UGs are formed to address specific areas within the quality and improvement disciplines and each operates as an independent group according to its bylaws.  ASQ Section 509 currently has the following Special Interest / Userís Groups:

  • Biomed/Biotech SIG
  • Continuous Process Improvement SIG
  • ISO 9000 UG
  • Lean Six Sigma SIG
  • Performance Excellence SIG
  • Software SIG

Voice of the Customer Chair

Works with the Leadership Committee to capture and analyze voice of the customer data.

Webmaster - Internet Liaison
Responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the section's website.  Assist Content Managers in maintaining their webpages. Individual must have a working knowledge of MS Office applications.