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Joint Section 509 and 511 Announcement

ASQ Section 509, Washington, DC and Maryland Metro; and Section 511, Northern Virginia jointly announces the re-alignment of the boundary between the two sections.  The new boundary is the Potomac River, also the boundary between Maryland and Virginia.  This re-alignment makes geographic definitions of the two sections more easily recognizable by both existing members and potential new members.  It also makes a more sensible division for new members needing help in identifying the section most convenient to their home or workplace.

This boundary re-alignment has no effect on existing memberships.  Members of the two sections may continue their memberships.  No changes to section membership are being required or requested.  Furthermore, new ASQ members can join whichever section they choose, regardless of where they live or work.  This change only affects new members who do not explicitly select a section for membership.  In that case, as has always been, the new memberís section is determined by the preferred address the member provides to ASQ and the section boundaries within which that address lies.

This re-alignment only affects the boundary between Section 509 and Section 511.  The boundaries between other sections and section 509 and section 511 remain unchanged.