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Performance Excellence Special Interest Group

Mission Statement: The Performance Excellence Special Interest Group (SIG) is dedicated to helping professionals and organizations learn the techniques and frameworks that lead to increased quality, competitiveness, customer satisfaction, sustainability, stakeholder satisfaction, and measureable performance results.
1. Increase the use of performance excellence frameworks such as the Baldrige National Quality Award Criteria.
2. Increase the use of quality management techniques that work together to improve organizational performance.
3. Increase information and knowledge exchange among professionals.
4. Increase professional skills of members and guests.
5. Increase awareness of industry best practices, insights, and quality industry news that relate to overall performance excellence.
6. Increase understanding and embracing of quality principles outside of the traditional quality professional community.

Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence


The Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence provide a systems perspective for understanding performance management. They reflect validated, leading-edge management practices against which an organization can measure itself. With their acceptance nationally and internationally as the model for performance excellence, the Criteria represent a common language for communication among organizations for sharing best practices. The Criteria are also the basis for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award process.



The Baldrige performance excellence criteria is a framework that any organization can use to improve overall performance. Seven categories make up the award criteria:

Leadership — Examines how senior executives guide the organization and how the organization addresses its responsibilities to the public and practices good citizenship.

Strategic planning — Examines how the organization sets strategic directions and how it determines key action plans.

Customer and market focus — Examines how the organization determines requirements and expectations of customers and markets; builds relationships with customers; and acquires, satisfies, and retains customers.

Measurement, analysis, and knowledge management — Examines the management, effective use, analysis, and improvement of data and information to support key organization processes and the organization’s performance management system.

Workforce focus — Examines how the organization enables its workforce to develop its full potential and how the workforce is aligned with the organization’s objectives.

Process management — Examines aspects of how key production/delivery and support processes are designed, managed, and improved.

Results — Examines the organization’s performance and improvement in its key business areas: customer satisfaction, financial and marketplace performance, human resources, supplier and partner performance, operational performance, and governance and social responsibility. The category also examines how the organization performs relative to competitors.


Baldrige Related Articles:

President's Council Recommends Building on the Baldrige Award for U.S. Health Care

June 2, 2014



On May 29, the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) released a report to President Obama, Better Health Care and Lower Costs: Accelerating Improvement through Systems Engineering (PDF) that calls out the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award as an opportunity "for raising awareness of performance excellence" in U.S. health care.

According to the report, "Health and Human Services and the Department of Commerce should build on the Baldrige awards to recognize health-care providers successfully applying system engineering approaches." 

In its fact sheet (PDF), PCAST offers seven recommendations, "all of which support and reinforce each other as components of a strategy to improve the quality of delivery of health care and the health of Americans through systems engineering." The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award was specifically called out in recommendation 6: "Establish awards, challenges, and prizes to promote the use of systems methods and tools in health care."

Read a blog by Baldrige Director Robert Fangmeyer about how the Baldrige Criteria provide exactly the holistic, systems approach to excellence that the PCAST report recommends.

Read the full report Better Health Care and Lower Costs: Accelerating Improvement through Systems Engineering (PDF).

Baldrige Program Named Top Leadership Development in Government

April 14, 2014

The Baldrige Performance Excellence Program has received the first place award in the government and military category of the Leadership 500 Excellence Awards, an annual recognition of the world's best leadership development programs and initiatives. The success and impact of both the Baldrige Executive Fellows Program and Baldrige examiner training were acknowledged as major reasons for the honor.

Given out by Leadership Excellence magazine for the past 30 years, the Leadership 500 Excellence Awards rank the top leadership development programs in each of the following organizational types: small, midsize, large, government/military, nonprofits, international, educational, small partners/providers, midsize partners/providers, large partners/providers and international partners/providers. The judges use applications, survey responses and interviews to evaluate each candidate's programs, ranking them on seven criteria: vision/mission, involvement/participation, accountability/measurement, design/content/curriculum, presenters/presentations/delivery, take-home value and outreach.

Since 2010, the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program has placed three times in the top 10 of the Leadership 500 Excellence Award's government/military rankings. In last year's competition, the program was ranked eighth.

The Baldrige Executive Fellows Program is a one-year leadership development experience for direct reports to the most senior leader in the organization or business-unit leaders. Baldrige examiners are part of an elite volunteer group of more than 400 professionals each year who commit their knowledge, skills and time to help evaluate applicants for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, the nation's highest honor for organizational innovation and performance excellence.

For more information on the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program, go to www.nist.gov/baldrige.

2013 Baldrige Award Process Kicks Off with New Applicants 

2013 Baldrige Award Process Kicks Off with New Applicants

June 2013

The countdown has begun for the 2013 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. Volunteer examiners will soon tackle the difficult job of choosing America’s best examples of organizational performance excellence and innovation from among 22 accomplished and Baldrige-proven applicants—including two educational, 15 health care, and five nonprofit or governmental organizations.

The small but highly qualified group of candidates reflects the tough eligibility rule, now in its second year, which requires Baldrige Award applicants, with few exceptions, to have previously received their state's performance excellence award before seeking the national honor. See the entire article here: http://www.nist.gov/baldrige/baldrige-060313.cfm

2013-2014 Criteria Coming Soon: Readers Can Expect Leading Practices, User-Friendly Changes, and Cost-Recovery Fees

September 18, 2012

The Baldrige Performance Excellence Program is preparing to release by early 2013 three new versions of the Criteria for Performance Excellence. What changes will readers of the 2013–2014 Criteria for Performance Excellence, 2013–2014 Education Criteria for Performance Excellence, and 2013–2014 Health Care Criteria for Performance Excellence find? First, the latest Criteria revisions will, as with previous editions, reflect “the leading edge of validated management practice.” Second, the new publications will reflect updates in design and organization. And third, to offset the loss of federal funding, the program will charge cost-recovery fees for both printed booklets and electronic file downloads. Selected content will be available free of charge on the Baldrige Web site. See the entire article here: http://www.nist.gov/baldrige/criteria-and-fees.cfm

Improving on Excellence: The Mayo Clinic and the Path to Quality
By Jim and Mary Beth Buckman

Since being founded in 1889, the Mayo Clinic has excelled in terms of patient outcomes and growing the practice based on the tenets its culture promotes: collegiality and consensus-building among its medical staff (see sidebar, "History of the Mayo Clinic").

Executives are chosen from among its practicing physicians and hold leadership roles for a designated term. If they are successful managers, they’re appointed to an additional term before being moved to new positions that help build their own skills and knowledge, while further assisting a growing organization. This continual development of well-qualified talent helps the organization thrive.

Baldrige Reciepients Prove Organization of All Sizes Can Benifit by Using the Baldrige Award Criteria
By QP Staff
Every handyman relishes the chance to use his biggest and baddest tool: the circular saw, the power sander, the power drill—pretty much anything with the word "power" in it, actually. But while those are fun to use, it’s rare to find a home-improvement project that doesn’t require having a hammer somewhere in the vicinity.
There’s a reason why a tool like that endures in this age of technology: It works, regardless of the situation. That’s a characteristic shared by the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence, which has helped every type of organization you can imagine - from those with 100 employees in one location to those with 100 sites around the world - improve all facets of their operation.
Salvaging Baldrige: What Needs To Be Done To Get The Program Back On Track?
By Dean Hubbard and Paul Klute
The Baldrige Performance Excellence Program is in trouble. It was in trouble before the Budget Committee and Appropriations Subcommittee in the U.S. House of Representatives voted to eliminate all federal funding for the program for the fiscal year 2012. And it’s because the program has gotten away from its roots.
The Missing Link: Tying Baldrige, Quality Values To Increased Employee Engagement
By Henry J. Lindborg
The Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence presents an ideal pattern of values to which quality professionals can aspire. Tracking its development throughout nearly a quarter century reveals shifts in the quality community’s thinking and language. 

The term "performance excellence" is evidence of such a shift. Another is "engagement," a concept discussed in Tom Becker’s recent QP article, "Happiness Helps."

Becker reports on rather disappointing results from an engagement survey—conducted by Right Management—that reveal some wide gaps in employee commitment. Becker then offers advice on career development ideas to close those gaps.

Trading Accreditation for 
Performance Excellence Model
New Zealand Not-for-Profit Hands Back ‘Certification’

While the Baldrige framework existed in New Zealand as a business excellence concept for many years, not many organizations had yet embraced it. When Spectrum Care decided to abandon its existing quality framework based on the accreditation system, it recognized an opportunity to explore and ultimately use 
the Baldrige framework for business improvement. The business excellence criteria also offered the opportunity to validate Spectrum Care’s progress against international standards through a moderated awards process, explains Brett Marsh, general manager of organizational excellence at Spectrum Care.


Next Meeting

Performance Excellence Special Interest Group

 The ASQ-509 Performance Excellence SIG Proudly Presents


Topic: Baldrige Criteria - Deep Dive: Customer Focus


Speaker: GeNienne Samuels

Thursday, Jun 12, 2014

Washington DC Metro Headquarters


Program Summary:  

Please join us for an evening of learning  and engagement with GeNienne Samuels, PMP, one of the two application writers for Southern Management Corporation, the 2011 Maryland Performance Excellence Awards Platinum winner. GeNienne has also actively used and studied the Performance Excellence criteria since 2004 and was an Examiner on both the state and national levels.  We will continue to focus on Category 3 CUSTOMER FOCUS. GeNienne will ensure you and your organization understand the Category 3 language and how to apply it to your organization to capture the expectations and needs of your customers and then exceed those expectations through the use of proper listening and learning tools. This evening will be informal and interactive, as the customer of the session, to ask questions and engage in discussions of challenges, successes and  pitfalls.

Speaker Biography: 
GeNienne Samuels is the President & CEO of GS Consulting and Communications, INC (GSCC).  GSCC is a woman-owned small business based out of Prince George's County, MD.  GSCC specializes in small business and government contracting in the areas of BPR (Business Process Reengineering), quality and process improvement.  GeNienne Samuels holds the distinguished credential of being a Project Management Professional (PMP.)  She is an enthusiastic, dedicated, and results-focused Project Management Professional (PMP) with a career history of proven expertise in strategic planning, process/system improvement, organizational assessment and lifecycle project management.  She directs projects resulting in effective and efficient work systems utilization necessary in improving productivity, reducing costs, and achieving overall corporate goals.  GeNienne continuously employs strategic thinking, innovative problem solving, and team leadership to deliver exceptional results. Her knowledgeable of various best-in-class improvement methodologies such as ISO 9001:2000, TL 9000, Strategic Planning, Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence, Organizational Profile Assessments, Value Stream Mapping, Root Cause Analysis (RCA), Balanced Scorecard, Six Sigma, and Benchmarking, enables her to meet varying client demands and needs. In addition, she demonstrates strong interpersonal and communication skills, and the ability to build good rapport with clients and teams.
GeNienne has been involved with the Maryland Performance Excellence Foundation (MPEF) since 2004 where she has held the roles as Team Leader, Back-up Team Leader, Scorebook Editor and Examiner.  She is currently on the  Leadership Board of MPEF where she serves as a Team Mentor.  GeNienne has also served as a Board of Examiners members for the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program on the national level.

                    Escort & Networking:  6:00 p.m.                       

Meeting Kick-off:  6:30 p.m.

Adjourn:   8:00 p.m.

This event is free of charge. Participants are invited to pre-register at the ASQ Section 509 website; Registration - Performance Excellence SIG Meeting, and attend the networking portion of the meeting, which includes free pizza and soft drinks. Participants are encouraged to RSVP early as there is limited seating.