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Re-Certification Information

For information on recertification, please contact ASQ 509 Recertification Chair Jeneane Becker at  .


If you are ready to submit your journal for recertification, you now have two options:


1) Scan and e-mail a copy of your recertification journal and supporting documentation to
2) Mail a hard-copy of your journal and supporting documentation to:
Jeneane Becker
RE: ASQ 509 Recertification

2921 Beaverwood Lane, Silver Spring, MD 20906


Be sure to keep the original documents for your records.  Also, please ensure that you have the latest Recertification Journal as the information has been updated. 


Click here to go to ASQ National's Recertification page which includes additional information and resources to help you recertify.

NEW!! RU Reporting Program

On January, 1, 2013, ASQ Section 509 will start a program to record your attendance/participation at specific 509-sponsored events for the purpose of tracking your recertification units (RU).   This means that you no longer need to collect, retain, and submit attendance receipts with your recertification journal.  Paper receipts will still be available to you for submission with your journal.

This program is applicable to the following 509-sponsored events starting January 1, 2013:

  • 509-sponsored meetings  - These include Special Interest Group (SIG) and User Group Meetings.   Attendees earn 0.30 RU/meeting
  • Certification refresher courses or other 509-sponsored courses  – Students earn 0.10 RU/contact hour; Instructors earn 0.15 RU/contact hour.

The program does require that you sign-in at the event.  The event chair or instructor must certify your attendance/participation. 

When preparing your recertification journal, submit a request for your activity log to the ASQ 509 Database Chair Candida Fipps, at .  Please provide your First Name, Last Name, and ASQ Membership Number.  The Database Chair will generate and return to you a report (log) detailing the 509-sponsored events and their associated RU points earned.  This report can then be submitted as part of your recertification journal application.  Be sure to specify what time frame you need. 

Please realize that this program is currently restricted to the above listed 509-sponsored event types.  Other events will require the necessary submission of documentation.   We cannot track your participation in the activities presented by other ASQ sections or by ASQ National.  Remember, this program goes into effect for events held after January 1, 2013.  You'll need to obtain and submit RU documentation as you normally would for events held prior to January 1, 2013.  Questions can be directed to Candida Fipps, Database Chair ().