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The purpose of the ISO 9000 Users Group is to exchange ideas and experiences among ASQ and non-ASQ members who use ISO 9000 in their organizations.

Regular meetings of the ISO 9000 Users Group are held every month on the 2nd Wednesday of the month (unless otherwise announced).

The objectives of the Users Group are to provide and exchange the latest information on the practical applications and use of ISO 9000 in areas such as internal and external auditing.  For example: How to start ISO 9000 in any organization? What is the best way to develop documentation and procedures? The main objective is to learn from each other.

The Users Group:


Establishes monitored discussions among the Users Group members


Invites guest speaker(s)


Publishes information on activities and accomplishments in the ASQ Section 509 Newsletter


Discusses 9001:2000


Develops orientation materials to assist organizations who are now registered to ISO 9001-1994 to plan for migration to the revised standard


Develops orientation materials to assist organizations to become registered


Organizes ISO 9000 seminars and workshops

For more information, email or call him at 703-902-5961

Next Meeting

Date Nov. 10, 2004




“The USDA Process Verification Program.”

Mr. John Sharpe

Mr. Sharpe is the Director, Compliance Division for Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards (GIPSA), U. S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Time 5:30 pm ---  Please bring $4.50 for pizza and soda.
Place Honeywell, Inc. offices in Lanham, MD (second floor)
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Need Info?

For additional information please contact: Eugene Kirsch, Chair, at [email protected] or phone 703-902-5961. Or, contact: Alan Lane, Vice-Chair (Meeting Facilities) at [email protected] Or, Henry Onyeador, Vice-Chair (Programs) at [email protected] Or, contact: Suzi Wesch, Vice-Chair (Communications) at [email protected]

Location and Directions:
Honeywell, Inc. is at 7515 Mission Drive, Lanham, MD. Mission Drive is a left hand turn off of Greenbelt Road, a few clicks east of Goddard. More specifically, take Exit 23/Kenilworth Ave off the Washington Beltway, heading towards Washington.  Stay to the right, and follow the signs to NASA Goddard. Turn left onto Greenbelt Road/Rt. 193.  Continue past Goddard (on your left). There will be a stop lighted intersection for Executive Dr.  The next left is for Mission Drive. Park near the flag pole.  Sign in at the guard desk.  Usually, the meeting room is at the far end of the hall from the guard desk.

and access procedures!!!

The Honeywell facility in Lanham, MD has security requirements that may require some advanced notification.  Please note the following.

 1.  Visitors (including ISO 9000 Users Group attendees) MUST be US Citizens or approved foreign nationals.  Visitors will be asked to document citizenship when signing in at front desk. 

2. All visitors MUST show a photo ID at the time of sign-in.  A drivers license or company ID badge is acceptable.

3. Foreign nationals may visit, pending the approval of HTSI HQ.  Their names & country must be submitted to Alan Lane () at least TWO (2) weeks in advance. He has to submit them to the Honeywell Security Officer, who will forward them to Headquarters in Columbia for processing.  Please be sure you receive confirmation of approval prior to attempting to sign in.

4.  All visitors will be given a visitor badge that will allow gate access to the conference room on the 1st floor.   

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