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This page contains articles and presentations on quality-related topics written by the members and friends of ASQ Section 509.

Members of ASQ Section 509 are encouraged to submit materials to the Library.
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Process Improvement and Requirements Quality (July 26)

Presented by Charles Yokley of MITRE

The Proper Specification of Requirements (May 24)

Presented by Al Florence of the MITRE Corporation

Cross Talk - Reduce Risks Through Proper Specification of Software Requirenments (May 24)

by Al Florence of the MITRE Corporation

Recent Results with Correctness by Construction and Spark (March 10, 2005)

Presented by Rod Chapman and Martin Croxford

Quality Improvement with Measurements (January 25, 2005)

Presented by Donald J. Gantzer

Quality Advice Concerning Requirements (November 23, 2004)

Presented by Dr. Ralph R. Young

Selected Topics in Information Assurance (September 21, 2004)

Presented by Dr. Stuart  W. Katzke, Ph.D on September 21, 2004 SSIG Meeting

Unanticipated Costs and Risks Associated with Software Outsourcing  Presented by Dr. Anita J. La Salle on July  27, 2004 SSIG meeting

Code Analysis for Quality in High Integrity Systems presented by Currie Colket at the ASQ 509 SSIG Meeting on March 23, 2004

Software Technology Conference May 2000 & DC SPIN - Oct 2001 Capability Maturity Model Level 4 Quantitative Analysis & Defect Prevention with Real Project Examples
Presented by Al Florence

Statistical Process Control Applied to Requirements Process
Presented by Al Florence

EITVOX: It's Not A Miracle Drug, But It Could Be
Presented by Dr. Alfred H. Kromholz at the November 2003 SSIG Meeting

Cleanroom Software Engineering: An Overview
Presented by William Bail, PhD at the September 2003 SSIG Meeting

May the Force Be With You: The Role of Evidential Force in Empirical Software Engineering
Presented by Shari Lawrence Pfleeger at the July 2003 SSIG Meeting

Looking for a Good Argument -- Assurance Case Frameworks
Presented by Chuck Howell and Scott Ankrum at the May SSIG Meeting

Baldrige After 15 Years
Presented by Harry Hertz at ASQ 509's March 20, 2003 general membership meeting.

Risk Management as a Quality Enabler

Implementing ISO 9001:2000 at NASQ Headquarters

ISO 9001:2000 Overview and Orientation

Papers from the Second China-America Quality Conference, June 11-15, 2001, Beijing, China


Adapting the Management System to Respond


Corporate Culture Factor Impacted on Six-Sigma


Development of Computer Managing Information System


Establish a TQM System Integrating ISO 9000-2000 and Environmental Safety and Management


Fault Mode and Effect Analysis


Influences of Knowledge-based Economy upon Quality Management and Its Countermeasures


Pattern Recognition Model to Grade the Quality


Practice of Software Quality Control


Predict Quality Management Future from Quality


Promote Port Service Quality in All-directions


Quality Planning Model Based on Quality Tools


R&R Analysis for Measurement System Using Moving Range


Some Basic Principles for Business Process Excellence


Study of Quality Management System


Study on an Evaluation Model of College Classroom Teaching


The Improvement of Urban Public Management Should Be Guided by Upgrading Public Satisfaction Index


Univariate & Multivariate Diagnosis


Achieving ISO Registration in a State-Owned Research Enterprise

TL-9000: Mission Impossible?  This is the presentation made by Donna Thomas, President and CEO of Roxtel, at the January 17, 2002 General Meeting.

How ASQ Brings the Quality Message to Congress And our Federal Agencies  This is the presentation by Bill Sellery and Amy Kimball at the October General Meeting.

TL 9000 Registration and Certification  A new presentation on the TL 9000 standard by Reg Blake.

Software Inspections for the Internet Age  This is Tom Gilb's presentation from his day-long SSIG course on June 18, 2001.

Presentations from the February 14, 2001 Information Technology Excellence Symposium -- For further information, contact Ed Gardner, ITES Chairman, 301-240-7343,  


Event Driven Learning as Part of the Quality Professional's Toolkit by Michael Hillelsohn


Principles for Building More Secure Systems by Jim Litchko


The Science of Software Quality Assurance by Linda Rosenberg


Excellence in Software Engineering: The Heart and Core of IT by Thomas A. Drake

ISO 9000:2000 -- It's Impact on Software  This presentation was given by Norm Moreau at the April 2001 SSIG meeting.

Driving Standardization in the U.S. Postal Services  Robert Scanlon discussed this topic at the January 2001 General Meeting.

An Overview of IEEE Software Engineering Standards and Knowledge Products
This presentation was given by Paul Croll at the November 8 SSIG meeting.

International Software and Systems Engineering Standards
The presentation was given at the SSIG meeting on November 8th. 

Software Standards Update
The presentation was a part of the Software Standards Panel discussion at the SSIG meeting on November 8th. 

Software Verification and Validation
This is the presentation made by Dolores Wallace at the June 2000 SSIG meeting. 

Overview of Cleanroom Software Engineering
This is the presentation made by Paul Jones at the May 2000 SSIG meeting.

Quality Function Deployment
This is the presentation made by John Weisz at the April 2000 General Meeting.  

Principles of Design Control
This is the presentation made by Al Taylor at the February General Meeting.  Click here for the Acrobat formatted version.  Click here for the PowerPoint version.  Click here for the Acrobat version with Al's notes.

Being A Software Quality Professional
This is the presentation made by Taz Daughtrey at the January Software Special Interest Group meeting.

Rapid Change Management and the Affects on Software Quality
This is the presentation from the December meeting of the Software Special Interest Group.

Quality Management and Leadership for the Next Millennium

Competitive Benchmarking for the New Millennium
Customer satisfaction is the key to success in any organization.  Benchmarking provides a more realistic definition of the customer requirements based on an objective evaluation of market conditions.  It aids in establishing an environment that recognizes the importance of continuous learning to achieve excellence, and prioritizing those areas in need of improvement for the new millennium.  This is a presentation made at the 36th Annual GIDEP Workshop by , President of ASQ Section 509.

Fitting ISO 9000 Into a 20 Element Quality System
Is your organization concerned about how the proposed four element quality management system standard will fit into your 20 element quality system?  , President of Theseus Professional Services and Past Chair of Section 509, examines this question and provides some practical advice on how to tackle this problem.  (This presentation was given at the November 1999 Meeting of Section 509.)

Laboratory Accreditation Under ISO/IEC Guide 25 Meeting International Standards For Recognition
This interview is the result of inquiries from the laboratory community for more information on the laboratory accreditation process. The questions and answers are of a general nature and attempt to address primary concerns.  This paper was prepared by Mr. James Scott, President of Scott Consulting Services in Acworth, Georgia.  is an internationally certified quality systems lead assessor with extensive experience in the ISO management systems arena.

The 10 1/2 Things You Must Do To Successfully Implement a Quality Management Program
Organizations that wish to implement a formal quality management system and attain national or international recognition for the work that they do can select from a wide array of accreditation, certification, or registration programs.  Some of these are unique to a specific type of product, procedure, or analysis. Some apply to the organization as a whole.  Regardless of the selected standard, there are a number of things that organizations must do if they hope to be successful.  This paper was written by , President of EHS Services, Inc. in Monrovia, Maryland.

CSQE Increases Average Salary of ASQ Members
This article is for the benefit of those members who may be reviewing their professional development opportunities to find the most rewarding options. The ASQ magazine, Quality Progress, has published its annual salary review. This is an objective study detailing the earnings profile of ASQ members in relation to their personal career profile and educational background. While this article makes for interesting and insightful reading, it is also useful in providing direction to members to allow them to increase their expected compensation or market value. This article was written by Dan Zrymiak, who is a Senior Member of the American Society for Quality, presently serving as the Region 4 Deputy Regional Councilor for the ASQ Software Division.


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