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ASQ Section 509 is surveying its members to assess how we can better serve you.  We will use the results of this survey to develop our continuing programs.  The Executive Board is interested in comparing areas of interest and satisfaction levels.  Please complete the form below.

Your Name (Optional):

For the following statements, please select the following from the drop-down menu:

Please rank these ten items in order of importance (1=most important, 10=least important), and then rate (5=excellent, 1=poor) the performance of the Washington DC Section of ASQ in meeting your needs and expectations with respect to:




Value of educational courses
Value of monthly meetings
Value of Newsletter
Value of Web Site
Opportunities for networking
Opportunities for involvement in Section
Opportunities for Benchmarking Improvements
Promotion of Quality consciousness
Availability of Section Representatives
Overall Washington DC Section performance

Please rank (1=most important, 10=least important) and rate (5=excellent, 1=poor) the Washington DC Section Meetings' ability to meet your needs and expectations with respect to:




Timely notification of meetings or events
Convenient meeting times
Convenient meeting sites
Food quality at meetings
Interesting meeting topics
Knowledgeable speakers
Making you feel welcome at meetings
Competitive/reasonable cost of attendance
Opportunities to network at meetings
Overall Satisfaction with Section meetings
1.    How are your ASQ membership activities funded? 

2.    What type of industry best describes your organization? (please select the most appropriate)
Health Care
Other (please specify)

3.    How many ASQ Washington DC Section activities have you attended in the last twelve months?
Dinner Meetings 
Educational Courses 
Other programs

4.    Do you have Internet E-mail? Yes    No

5.    Do you have access to the web? Yes    No

6.    Have you ever accessed the Section web site? Yes    No

7.Are you will to be a Section Volunteer? Yes    No
If "Yes", Please provide Phone

Please note any other comments, such as topics of interest or education needs, below:


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